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Welcome to our new website under construction. In our new format we will be able to tell, and show you more about our years of experience and the services we have to offer. We hope that it will educate and enlighten you.


We are also creating instructional videos to help you train your border collie. Examples of our videos will be available here on line. To obtain the complete set, you can order it online or request the DVD set.


I have dedicated this web space to my Border Collies. I live with several of them. People always look at me like I am crazy when I tell them this. Maybe I am but I could not imagine life without these wonderful creatures. It is funny that before I got my first Border Collie I could not imagine life with a Border Collie. Too high strung for me, they need a job; I like a dog that turns off. Border Collies are not for me; after all I am a hound person. I was wrong! Now when I wake up in the morning,
I have several Border Collies jumping on the bed saying, with kisses, wake up Mommy! Lets start our adventure for the day!

Living with Border Collies is like living with a band of two year olds. With all of their intensity there is a wonderful flair of life that I seem to thrive on. With all of their intelligence comes an intuitiveness that comforts me. They intrigue me, fascinate me, and entertain me everyday. They are truly wonderful companions that I could not do without.


We are proud to be an American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit


Renea Windley